Sunday, October 31, 2004

Aging and Angels

My 25th birthday flew in on the wings of angels yesterday. I was awakened from sleep by my three year old and a bouncing baby in my bed. My husband who had gotten up at 5:00am to get ready and go to work had come home around 8:00 to help the girls wake me up and wish me a happy birthday. Sometime during the week he had sneaked to a local gift shop while on duty, because he came into our bedroom bearing two beautifully wrapped gifts with enormous multi-colored bows. 3 handed me two cards first. One from her and her sister, and one from "Daddy" which I saved to read later in private. The card from the girls was a Precious Moments card with a sweet message. At the bottom both 3 and 1 had "signed" their names with their own brightly colored crayon. 3 immediatly offered to "help" me open my presents, and never wanting to be left out, 1 joined in on the fun as well. My husband gave me a beautiful fat little angel baby statue that bears a striking resemblence to our youngest daughter. From my daughters I received a pair of ceramic kissing cherub figurines - the boy and girl angels that are leaning towards each other with pursed lips. So adorable! Later, Alan came sneaking in with my cake plate that I hadn't discovered missing. His aunt had baked a cake for him and the girls to give me. My favourite kind - yellow with chocolate frosting! The celebration was short and sweet as Alan had to get back to work and the girls had to eat lunch and take a nap so they would be ready for trick-or-treating later in the evening. Me...I just sat back and enjoyed the peace and quiet for a while...reflecting on what an awesome man I married and what precious girls we have together. Then I sneaked into my "office" to play a stupid but addicting computer game.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Another Year Older...Another Year What?

Well guys,
Tomorrow is my birthday. 25th birthday to be exact. I don't feel 25. Don't look 25 either...and I have to admit that's some consolation. I could easily pass for a college get...would DEFINATLY get carded if I ever decided to darken the door of a club...(never have), and really...look exactly the same as I did in my senior year of high school except I am (oddly enough) a few pounds a two dress sizes smaller. Go figure. I thought having kids usually had the opposite effect. However since I'm aware that nearly half of the female population would probably kill to be able to make that statement I am in no way about to complain about it! Anyway, I have absolutely no birthday plans. Well, other than taking my munchkins trick-or-treating. Our town and surrounding areas always "celebrate" Halloween on Sat. if it falls on a Sunday. Therefore I will be escorting around town a 3 year old "Clifford the Big Red Dog" and a one year old fat little "Flower". The thing that I'm most upset about, is the fact that my husband has to work all weekend. He just changed shifts at work and before the change he would have been off for my birthday and Halloween. Also, he was supposed to have been off for Christmas this year. Instead this will be his 5th year in a row working over the holidays. He hasn't been home Christmas since we've been together. But that's another story. I'm not sure what time he will get off tomorrow night. Usually it's 6:00, but I'm sure he'll have to take part in the "Halloween Detail" which means he'll probably have to stay over until 9pm or so. There go our dinner plans. Luckily, I've made plans to meet up with the wife and rugrats of another officer on his shift to go trick-or-treating so I don't have to go by myself.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

My First Time....

Attending a Sales Meeting!

It was great! Nothing like I had expected it to be. The new District Sales Manager over my district is wonderful! She's friendly, considerate, loves what she does, and it shows. She will go out of her way to help any of us achieve our goals. Truly someone that I can honestly say I look forward to working with as much as possible. Now ask....can you find such an incredible support system? Selling Avon. Become the CEO of your own business, by joining what I refer to as "my Avon team!" The first sales meeting I have ever attended was held Monday night in the back reserved room of a local restaurant. There were maybe 15 other women in the room, besides Miss V (our DSM), myself, and my 3 year old daugther who accompanied me. Miss V starts the meeting by stating that Avon gives her a script to follow for the meetings and the first thing she does is throw them out. Now that's my kind of manager! She knows and stated that we (as representative) don't really care what Mrs. Display Snowman is made out of ...we want to know how to make more money. Right again! Boy..she was on a roll. So she spent her/our time teaching and in some cases reteaching several sales techniques and giving us ideas on how to promote some of the new products coming out in future campaigns. She would stop in between to hand out flyers. To my surprise, my usually shy 3, decided she would make use of herself and quietly slipped off my lap to help pass the papers around the room. This was received by lots of "thank you precious" and "aren't you a doll" comments, and me smiling and shaking my head in wonder and amusement. Miss V continued her meeting and stopped at intervals to draw tickets for door prizes. My number came up third and I allowed 3 to go up with me to the BIG TABLE to pick out a prize. The table was laden with all kinds of Avon goodies from perfumes, to lotions, lipsticks, and candles. There were a few items from the accessories/apparel and children's section as well. As soon as we got to the table, 3's little eyes lit up and she began squeezing my finger tightly. I followed the direction of her vision...and saw it. There on the table in all her glamour was Avon's First Edition, Collector's Series Winter Velvet Barbie! It sells in the brochure (if I'm not mistaken) for at least $39.99! 3 looked up at me with those big, questioning, shiny eyes....and well...who could resist that silent (well-behaved) plea. Needless to say 3 and I were accompanied home by none other than Miss Winter Velvet herself.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

100 Random Things About Me... Part 4

76. My porn-star name would be Shasta Cannon (your first pet's name and the name of your current street)
77. I will try most things once (as long as no danger is involved).
78. That is how I discovered that Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies really ARE yummy!
79. I have never tried smoking or drugs..and never will.
80. I have only had one alcoholic beverage in my life.
81. It was a B&J Strawberry Daquiri wine cooler.
82. I used to hate the color I like it...but only the pastel "baby pink"
83. I prefer the King James version of the Bible
84. Most issues for me are black or white...there is very little gray area
85. I always know what I want...sometimes I get it.
86. I have strong emotions...and good instincts...usually
87. I'm usually right
88. However, I'm not afraid to admit it when I'm wrong.
89. I sleep on two pillows
90. I sleep under a blanket and fan year round
91. I'd rather be cold than hot.
92. I love to play tennis but rarely get the opportunity
93. I like to ice skate..but suck at it.
94. I've never been bowling, but would love to try.
95. I rarely dream when I sleep.
96. When I do, sometimes they are like motion.
97. Sometimes my dreams are like premonitions that come true.
98. I'm sensitive to medications..including sinus/allergy pills and Tylenol.
99. I have strange dreams when I'm taking medicine.
100. I'm fairly certain pink elephants and purple hippos in tutu's do not exist.

100 Random Things About Me... Part 3

51. I have been cutting/styling my own hair since I was about 11
52. I am ambidexterous
53. I eat, write, and brush my teeth left-handed
54. I sew, use scissors, and do everything else right-handed
55. The second toe is longer than my big toe, but only on one foot
56. I twist or play with my hair when I'm nervous or concentrating
57. I like to be busy
58. I can do about six different things at
59. I like to be in control of most situations
60. Things that I can't control make me nervous
61. I was an English major in college
62. I took about 6 years of Spanish classes
63. I love the outdoors
64. I'm highly allergic to insect bites
65. I'm afraid of the ocean
66. I'm also afraid of storms
67. I have many craft projects in progress at once
68. I get bored easily
69. I like to bake anything..bread..cookies..cakes..etc.
70. Baking is soothing to me...
71. I LOVE the kind of nachos and cheese you can get at a ballpark
72. I don't like hotdogs.
73. I don't like pork...except for bacon once in a while
74. I like being known as the creative/artistic one
75. I have a younger sister who could not be more my opposite