Thursday, March 30, 2006

Cheap Entertainment

Like most parents, I'm sure...I sure do get a kick out of my kids sometimes. I was trying to fix breakfast this morning, get my four year old dressed, and get things ready to take her to kindergarten when "Baby Bug" started crying. "Bugga bugga!" I shouted. "Go in there and talk to your sister until I can come get her!" So my two year old takes off down the hall to "rescue" her baby sister. Within a couple of minutes the crying stops. Within a few more...I hear gurgles and giggles. The baby is laughing her little butt off. I stop what I am doing and head down the hall to investigate this miraculous change in her temperment. Bugga Bugga is standing beside the baby bed tickling Baby Bug's feet and mumbling something. I listen closer and her my two -year old's modern rendition of "This Little Piggy":

This little piggy went to Walmart
This little piggy stayed home.
This little piggy ate peanut butter and jelly
This little piggy had none.
And this little piggy went wee-wee in his britches...
All the way home.

No wonder Baby Bug was laughing so hard!!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Home Again, Home Again...

We just returned home late Saturday night (around 10:30) from our trip to Texas this past week. We were gone for 8 days. It took us an excruciating 14 hours to reach our destination. Imagine a 14 hour trip with a 4-year old, a 2-year old, and a 6-month old. Sounds fun huh? Now imagine that the 4 year old was HORRIBLY carsick and threw up about ever 10-15 minutes for the last 8 hours of the trip. Exactly! It was miserable. We had to stop several times, to clean her up, to bum plastic sacks from a convenience store, to stip her naked along the side of the road and change her clothes. I can't even begin to describe how frustrated we were. We did have a quite enjoyable time once we got to Houston though. We visited several different places, looked up an old friend of my husbands and saw his new home, drove down to Galveston for an afternoon - visited Moody Gardens and then walked along the beach for a few minutes. We stayed with Alan's parents in their new home. (They moved about the same time we did this summer.) Their new house is lovely with lots of room. They even have a small coy pond in the backyard which my 4-year old got a kick out of "fishing" in. I took the opportunity to visit several stores out there that are not available to us at home. We took another day and turned it into an all out excursion of the Katy Mall. That thing is so big that it actually has about 15 different "neighborhoods" and you could spend an entire afternoon in each one. The day before we returned home, we took the girls to visit the local area's park. It too was huge. (I guess everything really IS bigger in Texas). I'm used to our little rinky-dink parks around here where you are lucky if there is a slide and more than 2 swings. This park that we visited actually had paved roads with names within its boundaries. It had a HUGE playground with all sorts of equipment that made me wish I was a little kid again. It also had a small zoo that included: emu, a donkey, some sheep, some Texas longhorns, two buffalo, several varieties of parrots, some peafowl, two owls, a few goats, and a BIG pig. I couldn't belive that it was just open to the public for free. It had almost as many animals as our local zoo that costs us 25 bucks a piece to get into. Oh, and there was also a large pond with a little wooden bridge in the center where the girls got to feed bread to the ducks and geese. My two-year old (Bugga Bugga) was feeding one duck when another sneaked up on her and snatched the bread out of her other hand, nipping a few fingers in the process. "HEY! That duck duck BIT me..." she cried... "Stupid duck!" LOL

Thursday, March 09, 2006

*** Late Breaking News ***

OH MY GOSH! I'm so excited! My two year old all of a sudden decided that she wanted to use the big potty today. When she woke up from her nap this afternoon she said that she wanted to use the potty, so I put her little padded seat with handles ontop of the regular potty, helped her "wiggle wiggle wiggle" her pull-up panties down, and plopped her little naked bottom on the throne. Then I just left her alone. Walked out of the room to attend to the baby and in a few minutes I heard "MOMMY! I made tee tee come out of my bottom!" LOL Sure enough..she had done her business and was waiting on me to assist with the final paperwork. We had a miniature celebration in the bathroom after watching the potty flush and waving "bye bye" to tee-tee. Then she got to pick a treat out of the goody basket. Well, after that she went twice more in the big potty. Then tonight while we were getting ready for bed, she asked to go again. Her big sister assisted her in mounting the porcelain pony, and she sat and sat and sat. We yelled at her asking if she was okay and did she need help getting down. "Nope" came the reply. So we let her sit there. To be honest...I almost forgot about her. Then suddenly "Princess" starting yelling "Bugga Bugga" made a dirty in the potty! Sure enough..she had!!! All by herself with no coaching or encouragement! We made a big deal over her and told her that if she continues to go in the big potty all the time, that we will take her to Walmart and let her pick out her very own "big girl panties" with whatever cartoon character she wanted. That made her really excited. We tucked her into bed tonight with visions of "fruit of the looms" dancing in her head.

Surprisingly Painless...

That's how I would describe my first (and hopefully only) experience having a root canal performed on my tooth today. I knew before I went to the dentist on Tuesday that I had a cavity in need of filling. It was one of those things that just kept getting put off. I'm sure you other Mommies out there know what I mean. First I was pregnant and didn't feel like dealing with any additional poking or prodding - no matter that only my mouth was involved. Then of course, the baby was born and I was pretty much quarenteened to the house with her until she was 8 weeks old. Then there were programs to attend at my daughter's kindergarten... and things just kept popping up that were more important that making that dentist's appointment. We are planning to go to Texas for Spring Break though, and so I decided that I wanted to have that tooth fixed before we left to go on our trip. Alan called and made the appointment for me since I had never been to that particular dentist before. We had recently decided to change dentists and Alan had been to him several times but Tuesday was my first visit. I absolutely loved my new dentist and his staff (at least as much as anyone can love a dentist! LOL ) However, I was shocked to discover that what I perceived to be a small cavity was actually a tooth in need of a root canal. I dreaded it for the 48 some odd hours between appointments, and then was tremendously relieved today when the procedure turned out to be totally painless. I turned down all medication other than the local anesthesia and opted out of a prescription for pain meds following the procedure, choosing instead to use Advil when necessary. It's been 11 hours since my appointment and I have yet to feel any pain. I even ate pizza for dinner! :)

Monday, March 06, 2006

Silly Ole Me!

Hey All!
Thanks to a dear blogger buddy, I realized that when I changed my email address I failed to update it with my comment notification even though I changed it on my main blogger account. As a result, no one has been able to post comments to my blog lately. I was wondering what happened...if everyone just forgot me! LOL Thanks for the heads-up -A- and if anyone has tried to leave comments, please try again. They should be working now!!! :)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

A Blinkie a Day?

Well, a friend of mine suggested that I add some blinkies to liven up my blog a bit, so I am going to try to add at least one new blinkie per day to my sidebar. Er...that is as soon as I figure out how! LOL Feel free to email me any cute blinkies you find!