Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Coming Out of the Closet... LOL

Yep, it's that time again. YARD SALE time. So for the past week I have been methodically moving from room to room in my house going through dresser drawers, digging under beds, and bulldozing through closets removed the old, unwanted, and outgrown items that seem to multiply when no one is looking. We have only been in this house a year (next month to be precise) and I cannot believe how much junk we have managed to accumulate! Where did it all come from? I have finished my oldest daughter's room and have battled about 95% of the way through the middle daughters room. Already I have removed 5 large black trash bags full of outgrown clothes, and three garbage bags full of toys! My kids are growing faster than I can keep up with them! The baby is 8 months old now and really starting to get into her baby food and toys! In fact, she has outgrown her infant car seat. So I'm hoping that I will make enough money from the yard sale to buy her a new carseat and a high chair. I'm getting tired off feeding her on my lap. Strawberries and bananas is suprisingly difficult to remove from MY hair! I just hope it has some kind of conditioning benefits! LOL

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Family Funnies - part 1

(Caitlyn – age 4 & Ashlyn – age 2)

“The Imaginary Bicycle”
One morning I was sitting at my computer desk in the den when I heard an awful commotion in the hallway. “Girls!” I yelled. “What in the world is going on?” “Mommmmeeee” Caitlyn yelled. “Ashy stoled my imaginary bicycle and she won’t give it back!!!” I got up and looked, and sure enough, Ashlyn was riding an imaginary bicycle down the hall! “Well Caitie,” I said. “If it’s an imaginary bicycle, just imagine yourself another one!” “But Mommmeee…” came the reply. “I don’t want another bike..I want THAT one!”

“The Treadmill”
The girls and I had stopped at Nana and Papa’s house to visit on a Thursday that Chris was working security for the Nascar race in Talladega. Mom and Dad have several pieces of exercise equipment out in their sun room, and the girls like to play on it – especially the big workout ball and the mini trampoline. It was getting close to time for lunch, and Ashlyn was complaining about being hungry. I had already told the girls that we would stop at McDonald’s on the way home to get a Happy Meal. So when Caitie asked Nana what one of the pieces of exercise equipment was called, Nana said, “that’s a treadmill.” Ashlyn…who was sitting in Nana’s lap at the time, piped up and said “I don’t want a treadmill… I want a CHICKEN meal!”

“It’s Potty Time”
We were so excited when Ashlyn (soon to be 3 yrs old) finally decided that she was ready to use the “big girl potty.” She had made up her mind that she was done with diapers. One day while she was playing she jumped quickly to her feet and ran down the hall towards the kids’ bathroom, yelling “Move, I need to make a dirty!” Needless to say, we all quickly got out of her way. I headed towards the bathroom to provide assistance… when she suddenly stopped in her tracks, and headed back to her room. “Oh…wait a minute.” She said. She quickly returned to the bathroom with something in her hands. It was her Baby Animals board book, which she promptly laid on the back of the toilet before taking her seat.

“Where’s the Dog?”It was a quiet afternoon and the girls were lying on the floor in the den, coloring and drawing while I worked at my desk. Every once in a while, I glanced down to see the progress they had made on their pictures. Our oldest daughter (who is 4) had done a commendable job drawing a sun, clouds, some birds, a tree, a doghouse, grass, and what I thought to be a hole in the ground (maybe for a chipmunk or some such creature). When she finished her drawing, she came to show it to me. “Look at what I drew Mommy!” she said. I once again took note of her picture before replying “that’s great baby… but what happened to the dog?” “Oh!” she says. “He ran off…” Then, pointing to what I thought was a hole in the ground she continued… “but he left his poop behind!”