Monday, May 04, 2009

Nasty Weather

Well, we're still in one piece. Several strong walls of storms moved through our area yesterday and last night. One front just a few miles to our north, and there was another just a few miles to the South of us. We had no major damage on our end of town, but pretty much all of the Southern end lost power. There were several downed trees and shingles torn off roofs. One of the gas stations lost it's big bubble-globe signs, and the awning was ripped off the front of the Subway sandwich shop. We got some heavy rain, wind, and hail here but nothing near what others are reporting. Alan was stuck at work during the storm -- in the sally-port actually. He said it was like being caught in a carwash when the front moved through, with the wind whipping around in all directions. All in all, our town came through with very minor damage. I just saw on the news where a small town in Kansas was completely wiped out with the exception of twelve homes. Our prayers are with all those people left homeless!

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